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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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to proper procedure or protection. and finally, even though who are admitted, though few in quotation marks luckily asylum seekers who get in, they are all going to get rejected or have already been rejected, because they came through a country, serbia, which according to the hungarian government is a safe country for asylum seekers. >> how far do you hold germany's action responsible for this chaos that we're seeing. because of course it was germany in the first instance has opened its doors wide, thereby allowing passage through hungary, now germany having put up its borders, austria following closely behind -- i mean,
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basically the log jam is being pushed further and further down europe, isn't it? >> i wouldn't get that far. i think the fact that germany and austria are strengthening their border control, doesn't mean that they are closed. germany and austria have adopted a different policy. obviously this is a very difficult situation. i think what the german government did was a positive and humanitarian action. they saw a huge problem in hungary, many families with children -- >> okay. thank you very much. i'm going to have to stop it there, because we are due to wrap up within minute or so. can i thank you very much ina
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deed. the refugee program coordinator talking to live to us from budapest over these live pictures coming from the hungarian serbian border, where we have seen evidence of the use of tear gas with people covering their noses eyes and mouth. and we have seen television pictures of water cannon being used on these refugees and asylum seekers, many from syria, fleeing the four-year war there. the border there is closed to them. but do stay with us here at al jazeera. ♪
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fresh confrontations between hungarian border police and desperate refugees. many you look to croatia as a way into western europe. the this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. hungarian riot police are spraying refugees with water cannons at this hour. thousands of migrants were trying to break the fence police say. these are live shots.
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you can still see the water cannons there. our mohammed jamjoom also there. he spoke to us over the phone a short time ago. >> it's complicated right now since the border has been shut down. we're in essentially a no man's land. and we're on a stretch of the motorway that has been closed off where there are now dozens of tents, people sleeping on the road, there are hundreds of refugees. in fact there are at least two helicopters. the crowds around us are -- are cheering because they are continuing to protest the fact that they say they are detained here in serbia, and they should be let into hungary. that all being said, though, the hungarians standing firm on their pledge not to allow refugees into hungary. they have now criminalized crossing illegally into hungary, and we suspect that is the
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reason why they deployed the water cannons. where we are, there is at least one water cannon. it has not been used, but it is there, they have bolstered the police presence. as the temperatures have risen, the refugees have gotten angrier and angrier. the fact is, people are mad, and they say they should be lead into hungary. >> mohammed jamjoom calling in from the hur gain yar serbian border. hungarian police just released this statement: sweden is one of several countries taking in syrian refugees. david visited a refugee center west of stalk home and spoke
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with one man who made the dangerous trip. [ explosion ] >> reporter: this is the life this man left behind. after four brutal years of war in syria, he decided he had finally had enough. and so like more than 4 million of his countrymen, this 28 year old nurse became a refugee, and emptied his savingings to way for the long trek north through europe. piling into a small boat with 15 others, he crossed the sea into greece with turkey and then started to work. >> there was child in the boat. when i see them. i say what happened in my country. why there is this war? >> reporter: after a month of traveling, sleeping in the woods, and facing the near constant threat of arrest. he finally made it to sweden. sweend has emerged as a promise land of sorts or a place like
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mubarak to try to relack. but there's growing sentiments among residents who think their country has done enough to help refugees and who say other countries should start help sharing the burden. >> these are live pictured, last hour hungarian police began shooting water cannons at the crowds to try to disperse them. they say that, quote, aggressive migrants tried to break the barrier that hungary has built to try to block these migrants. join us sunday for desperate journey, a migrant crisis. search crews are heading out in utah looking for people who were swept away in flooding.
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>> obviously this is one of the worst weather-related disasters in the history of the state of utah. and because of that, we're bringing the full resources to bare. >> forecasters called this storm a once in a century event. cooler temperatures are helping crews battle wildfires. this morning some drenthss are preparing to go home and find out if their houses still standing. melissa chan spoke to one couple who returned to find only ashes where their home once stood. >> reporter: it's the very first time they have returned. >> my car. i don't think i'm driving to work today, huh? >> reporter: if they had hoped to find things to salvage, they had little luck. everything is gone. family mementos, photos, even the ashes of his first wife who died of cancer.
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it's all gone. >> your heart sinks, and -- >> it just makes it real. >> yeah, it's real. we're going to be in kind of a state of shock for a while. i think it will take a little bit to come around, but, again, we have each other, and we'll figure it out. >> reporter: most residents have not yet returned to the neighborhood. police allowed them to come back early in order to feed the family cat. he is missing and sterling hopes he is somewhere nearby. >> i proposed to my wife right over here. >> reporter: the couple shows me the layout of their former home and unexpected survivors. the fragile tomatoes in their garden, still sweet and delicious. >> life will continue to go on, and, you know, it is going to be hard. we're going to have moments that
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we're just not going to be right -- >> and not rebuilding. >> we don't know what we're going to do. >> i don't want to move back in here. this is an opportunity to start fresh and start somewhere else. >> we'll figure out what we're going to do. we're resilient people, we have each other, and love each other, and that's what really matters. >> yep. >> reporter: their story is just one of loss. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. a few miles away the battle continues. the flames are moving into more remote regions. you can see how the fire swept through this mountainous area, and there are also isolated homes here, including this one that we found. it's saved. it's? tact, and there's tons of pink color on the ground from the fire retardant. firefighters are not only battling flames while on the front lines, but some are also
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making final safety checks in areas already burned through. this has become one of the fastest-moving fires in memory. one that caught multiple towns by surprise and has left behind an unusual amount of damage. melissa chan, al jazeera. wall street appears to be spreading water this morning, as the federal reserve meets to decide the course of interest rates. they may choose to hike short-term rates for the first time in nine years. joining us to discuss is patricia sabga. what are the odds that the fed will pull the trigger this week. >> the market was pricing in about a 30% chance of that happening, but that was in the summer. the big reason they were thinking that is because the u.s. job's machine is moving along. really strong jobs creation and an very low unemployment rate. but that is only part of the mandate. they also have to ensure price
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stability, and that's why towards the engineer of the summer after china devised that massive currency devaluation, that sent the odds down to about 30%. and the reason they are seen lowering their odds is because the dollar is so strong right now, and that makes u.s. exports more expensive to buy abroad. the other reason is the strong dollar tends to subdue prices, and that of course is the other half of the fed's mandate which is to ensure price stability. >> what are the dangers of raises rates too soon. are we talking about the fed needing to figure out if the economy is on firm ground with the recovery before they slow down the flow of money? >> exactly. the danger is it could derail the economic recovery. so the hawks believe let's hike interest rates to stave off any
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possible asset bubbles that are building. and the hawks belief these low prices will work themselves out, that eventually the dollar won't be as strong, and that oil prices will rise sooner rather than later, but the other side of the camp believe there is no evidence that these pressures are going to ease up any time soon. so there is a danger. and history has given us examples of the dangers of raising rates too quickly. japan did it in 2000 and plunged its economy back into this quagmire it has been stuck in for two decades. the e.u. also hiked interest rates in 2011, only to have to reverse course. >> how long can the feds keep the interest rates this low, and what does it mean for the americans when they do see a rate hike?
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>> for savings they will start earning more on their deposits, bad for debtors because you see more gauge rates and credit card rates go up, so if you think rates are going to go up, pay down your debt -- >> and buy your car loans. >> exactly. lock in low interest rates while they last. before we go to break, i want to take a look at the live scene on the hungary serbian border. you can see smoke there. hungarian police fired smoke as well as water cannons to push back refugees. we are also seeing pictures, although i don't think we have them live right now of migrants on roof tops throwing rocks at police. we'll be right back.
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>> as the global refugee crisis intensifies... >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> and the e.u. struggles to cope... >> we don't know, they stop us here. >> what's being done while lives hang in the balance? >> we need help now. coming back life now to these pictures that we're getting in live at the hungarian serbia border. a real change in tone here. this is the serbian side, and you can see what is happening. that smoke in the background is where police have been firing smoke and water cannons to try to disperse these migrants. hungarian police said that aggressive migrants had tried to break down that border fence that hungary has been building with serbia, to try to keep what they say is law and order in this migrant refugee crisis that
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we're seeing. we will continue to follow this story on al jazeera as it develops, and it is developing quickly. it is a big day in presidential politics. donald trump and torn candidates will square off in a second debate. every poll this morning shows trump on top. but support for another political novice is surging. michael shure has more. >> reporter: one month after an exclusive first debate, the g.o.p. contenders are getting ready for round two. they will have a cnn debate on wednesday night. >> somebody will attack. >> reporter: rand paul and the entire republican presidential field have zeroed in on trump in the last six weeks who transitioned from a phenomenon to a formidable candidate. >> the biggest difference is donald trump, donald trump, and donald trump.
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the biggest difference with donald trump is the fact that every single republican candidate has to take him seriously, but he is their focal point. >> reporter: he has stuck to its combative style, and despite attacking megyn kelly, and tossing a journalist out of an event, he is soaring in the polls. he is increasing his lead, but ben carson is surging since august. last debate, carson took heat for fumbling the question about the black lives matter movement. but since then has spent time in ferguson, missouri. >> these people say, well, he is an idiot servant, he only knows how to do surgery. [ laughter ] >> anybody who thinks you can become a neurosurgeon by being an idiot servant is an inyoued
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servant themselves. >> reporter: trump is prepared to take on both carson and fiorina. >> look, i like carly, and i like ben, and i like many of the people that i'm running against. i mean many of these people are terrific people. but nobody is going to be able to do the job that i'm going to do. [ cheers and applause ] >> nobody. they won't. they won't. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: other candidates haven't fared so well. rick perry suspended his campaign last week. marco rubio's campaign has stalled. mike huckabee is down in the palls, john kasich is also struggling, but still looking to move forward. >> i don't pay that much attention to polls. it's a marathon, but not a sprint. >> but you joined the marathon a little late, and that's pretty
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good progress. >> well, i am able to tell people we're doing pretty well. and i say we're doing well in new hampshire, but things go up and they go down, and right now they are up, so that's better than being down. >> reporter: all right. we'll take that. >> jeb bush once considered a front runner is struggling to light a fire under his campaign. wednesday's debate will be a big one for him. >> jeb bush needs a moment. jeb bush needs to be able to transcend donald trump or show that he is not only a viable alternative to donald trump, but an attractive alternative to donald trump. >> reporter: for now donald trump remains a front runner, and we're likely to see a debate centered on the man who holds center stage. all right. going back to our top story right now. the refugee crisis on the
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hungarian, serbian border playing out. this is the serbian side of the border right now. what has just happened in the last hour and a half is that police have deployed smoke against the migrants. this is the hungarian side. the police there have been using water cannons and tear gas and the explanation from an hungarian police statement is that migrants have been trying to break through that razor wire fence that hungary erected to try to block the thousands of migrants that have been trying to get in. they are trying to get through hungary so they can eventually continue north on to germany. germany has agreed to take in refugees seeking asylum. so this is a new phase that we are seeing in this migrant crisis. we're going to continue to follow this. we're going to take a short break right now.
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> farm workers striking in mexico... >> all that tension is about what's happening right now. >> unlivable wages... >> you can work very hard and you will remain poor. >> what's the cost of harvesting america's food? >> do you see how it will be hard to get by on their salary? >> yeah >> fault lines, al jazeera america's
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hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... fault lines invisible hands only on al jazeera america welcome back to al jazeera america. we are following developments on the serbian, hungarian border. it is 10:55 east coast time. it is almost 5:00 pm in hungary. and this is what we're seeing at the border. we're seeing masses of refugees seeking asylum status, trying to get through the border usually on the way to germany, where they are seeking status, and just a moment ago we saw a confrontation between hungarian and serbian police and the refugees. the police now deploying smoke
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as well as tear gas and water cannons to keep the refugees back that they say are trying to break through that razor wire fence that hungary has erected on the boarder. we now join our colleagues in doha for more coverage on that border. >> -- even in the last few weeks when the situation was relatively peaceful, of course illegal boarer entry points [ inaudible ] this is a government [ inaudible ], so there at this exit point, the state did not provide really any humanitarian assistance. volunte volunteers and charity organizations and ngo's are providing food, water, blankets, medical assistance, and we see
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now the same situation at the border. they are kind of defending the border against some kind of a fictional enemy, while people don't want anything else just to cross. >> how many people -- how many people are we talking about who are amassed now in this border area? >> so there are two -- two border-crossing points at this area. there is a highway, a huge highway, and where we are now, this is the old road border-crossing point. the distance between the two is just about 200 meters. there are some [ inaudible ] and people on the highway on the other side of the fence -- there is not even a fence there is a black [ inaudible ] on the road. and here at this small border crossing point -- this is a very rough estimate, because we can hardly see the entire situation on the other side, there must be
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at least 400 people here. >> so officially these people are on serbian territory; is that right? >> well, some of them are, but the fence which was built by the hungarian authorities lately, this fence is on the hungarian territory, so there are some 10 to 15 meters on the other side of the fence which is still hungarian territory. >> so therefore hungary certainly has responsibility for these people if not under the e.u. convention, certainly under the geneva convention. >> well, of course these people wanted to cross the border and they wanted to avoid asking for asylum in hungary. but they are fleeing the war and press cushion most of them. i see new riot police arriving, at least some 80 to 100 in full
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gear, so they are arriving again for reinforcements. ♪ >> -- in iraq and afghanistan most of them, so of course the hungarian government should talk to them, should listen to them, and should somehow take care of them. >> so -- so we -- we are looking at nearly 2,000 people in this very, very precarious position, what we're looking at in terms of our television shot, though, is young men. what is happening to the families? so the kids and the women? the old people? those who are in firm? where are they, and what is happening to them? >> there are many, many children, but of course they are now not here, not in the center of these clashes. at the other border-crossing
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point on the highway and at the [ inaudible ] zone which was created yesterday by the hungarian authorities there are many families. yesterday i saw dozens -- maybe even hundreds of children. there were buses which took children to [ inaudible ] refugee camps in hungary. those people who's asylum applications are expected, and again it confirms that there are many families with children. thank god they are not here. they didn't get tear gas in their eyes and nose and they were not sprayed from all of the chemicals. >> thank you very much, indeed for talking to us. we're going to take you to another point of this crisis. this is a newly opened-up point


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